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Mainframe - sablier

The world of MainFrame VS the world of Startups

  What exactly is MainFrame ?   It is mainly used by large industrial groups in the banking and insurance sectors.   The MainFrame is everywhere without realizing it !   When you withdraw money from an ATM or when you go to your supermarket checkout, you have the MainFrame behind you. It is a central Supercomputer with unparalleled processing…

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Scrum for agile project management – A quick guide

  Scrum, what is it ?     The Scrum model appeared in 1995. Ken Schwaber designed it based on the fact that it was very difficult to anticipate and plan complex projects. Scrum is an Agile project management model based on 3 conventions: Transparency : Ensure proper communication of information for stakeholders’ understanding of the project. Conviviality, kindness, common…

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apprendre à coder

Learn to code for better entrepreneurship

  Learn to code to create opportunities   As everyone knows, factory workers are being replaced by robots. Today, knowledge workers processing information are attacking the middle classes of developed countries. Software is invading the world. They are increasingly automating human tasks. According to co-author Erik Brynjolfsson in his book “Race Against the Machine“, the routine tasks of information processing…

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landing page

The landing page to test your market

  What is a Landing Page ?   The Landing Page is a web page that presents your service or product for the purpose of registering contacts with potential customers (prospect). It consists of visual content, textual and a clickable button called Call To Action (CTA).   It’s first to test your market   It is an effective and inexpensive way to…

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