Scrum for agile project management – A quick guide

Scrum, what is it ?

Scrum - schema

The Scrum model appeared in 1995. Ken Schwaber designed it based on the fact that it was very difficult to anticipate and plan complex projects.

Scrum is an Agile project management model based on 3 conventions:

  • Transparency : Ensure proper communication of information for stakeholders’ understanding of the project. Conviviality, kindness, common language and visual management (e. g. grouping key indicators in a large table, graphic representation of data, etc.)
  • Inspection : Regularly verify that the project is on time within acceptable limits and in compliance with the client’s request.
  • Adaptation : Ensure that the objectives defined in project management are met. Correct the deviations observed and adopt appropriate changes.

The Scrum team

Scrum: the product owner, the scrum master and the development team
  • The Product Owner represents the customer. It defines the expression of needs, prioritization and validation of results. Its main tool is the Product Backlog. It consists of the list of elements that make up the product.
  • The scrum master is the guarantor of the Scrum model. It facilitates collaborative work. It defines useful and unnecessary interactions with the outside world. He is at the service of the Product Owner and the team of developers.
  • The team of developers is in charge of the operational aspects. She is independent. She alone chooses how to do the work. It is made up of 3 to 9 people. Its members must have multiple skills, be multidisciplinary and autonomous.

The product Backlog

Under the responsibility of the Product Owner, it is the central point of a Scrum project. This document highlights the planned sprints and prioritizes the customer’s expectations and needs.

In Scrum, user stories are called items. A list of items will be created by the Product Owner in non-technical terms according to the requirements of the customer and possibly users of the application. Once the items are listed, he gives an order of importance for each item. Over time, this order can be modified with user feedback.

planning poker
The development team estimates the time and complexity of development itself using poker planning

With values included in a Fibonacci suite, each member gives the value they assign for the development of each item. The scores are revealed by each member. This is followed by an exchange of opinions among them on the complexity of each item. The aim is for everyone to agree and to arrive at the most accurate estimate possible.

The spring backlog

The entire perimeter of the service is represented in a kanban or Scrum board table. The development team is in charge of the Sprint Backlog which it feeds if new tasks are identified.

the sprint backlog

Burndown chart

It is a graph that represents the evolution of the work remaining in time over a given period. It is the Scrum Master who is in charge of it to support the team’s progress.

burndown chart


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