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How do I launch my idea and do to have a website adapted to my needs ?

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Having a website is essential and all companies are involved. Among the tasks to be done quite often for a website, you have: The choice of domain name, type of site, email extension, choice of photos, contact form, etc….

If you are an entrepreneur, I recommend these few topics to help you develop your idea.

How do I launch my idea ?

Entrepreneurs always have a lot to think about, to do and mistakes are quickly made! Unless you are touched by grace in everything you do, you will not avoid some mistakes. Here are a series of topics that will bring you some notions that are important when you want to create and develop your business on the web.

What is a Business Model ?

At the beginning, it is better to define a Business Model than to make a Business Plan which is quite long and tedious. The Business Model will save you valuable time. It is made up of different bricks that will help you know how to capture the value of your market. This requires a good knowledge of your business sector, identifying and understanding your customers’ needs. Remember that a business model cannot be decreed, it can be discovered.

website - canvas

Knowing how to code for better business on the Web

At first, it is difficult to hire a developer. It is important to learn to code in order to gain autonomy. Nowadays, you no longer need to ask permission to test and carry out your projects. As you learn, you will progress. You will learn how a database works and how to solve technical problems. The development will use your imagination to find solutions to the difficulties encountered. You will also learn how to optimize your programs. In terms of knowing how to be, you will obtain a competence inherent to any form of learning to seek, make mistakes and try again until you obtain the expected result. You will become more realistic in your projects.

Thereafter, if you want to hire developers, you will be familiar with the jargon and be able to communicate easily with them.

The code is at the crossroads of many professions. Today, for example, it is important for a project manager to understand the meaning of what an API is. And tomorrow, many jobs that do not yet exist will require programming skills to maintain, automate and evolve the tools at its disposal. Knowing how to code promotes employability.

How to learn to learn ?

Most of the knowledge is available on the Internet and from your smartphone. Thus, the power of each individual has increased considerably. However, it requires knowing yourself well, questioning yourself, changing your habits and getting out of your comfort zone. Obtaining learning routines is essential if you want to progress.

website -learn

A way to quickly test your market, the Landing Page

This is one way to quickly test a market. It is a better and cheaper factual way than market research. The challenge is that the Landing Page with its value proposition makes your visitors envious. To achieve this, it will be essential for you to know your target audience well to find out with which value proposition, your visitors will be ready to register.

This is one way to quickly test a market. It is a better and cheaper factual way than market research. The challenge is that the Landing Page with its value proposition makes your visitors envious. To achieve this, it will be essential for you to know your target audience well to find out with which value proposition, your visitors will be ready to register.

The conversion funnel named AARRR

AARRR is the acronym for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Income. It represents a tunnel for converting your users by following a certain number of metrics to achieve this. It is a set of marketing strategies broken down by stage to promote your growth.

To learn more about the conversion method, read my articleAARRR, the funnel of growth hacker

How can I get a website adapted to my needs ?

Don’t wait to get your domain name !

It is good practice to facilitate your natural referencing or for your communication to take the same name of your company or company as the domain name. The name must be short, no more than 3 syllables and easily pronounceable.

If you are having trouble finding a domain name, I recommend a technique that can help you :

Depending on your idea or the nature of your activity, you can collect images that will evoke the idea you have of it. In short, it is what is called a moodboard. To achieve this, you can use the Pinterest tool. Everything is based on the promise of this tool “Find practical inspirations and ideas for all your daily projects on Pinterest“.

website - moodboard
An example of some images that will evoke Uber

You should avoid any accent because in some cases you may encounter unpleasant surprises with display problems. Only the letters, numbers and dashes of the 6 work.

A website adapted to mobile phones

More and more people are spending time on their smartphones. Your website is the reflection of your brand, a central point of your communication that require to adapt to its customers.

It should be noted that since April 21, 2015, Google has deindexed all websites that were not optimized for mobile. This naturally led to a significant loss of visitors for them. Since then, it is necessary to adapt its website to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This means that depending on the size of the screen, a formatting is applied.

website - responsive
a site called responsive adapts to the different terminals

I propose to create responsive website for you. On the Internet, the site can be adapted to be read on any device: PC, tablet or smartphone. So, whatever the medium your visitors use, they will be able to read you correctly.

To discover a technique to make your website responsive. You can consult my article “Flexbox in CSS to properly position your elements

Make good forms

Forms are generally used to obtain important information about your visitors or can be used to enrich your mailing lists. There are good practices for designing your forms.

Use forms in several steps

Multi-step forms in general will generally have a better conversion rate.

website - form

By breaking down a lot of information into smaller pieces of information in stages, the user experience is improved. You can add a progress bar that will allow your user to know where he is and will be motivating for him.

Keep in your form that the essential

It is important to understand that any additional questions will have a downward impact on your conversion rate. This means that the friction will be even greater! As you will have understood, to convert as much as possible, you must have a form with the minimum number of fields.

You can include fields with conditional display. A field will depend on the value of another one to display it or not. This way, you will spare some Internet users!

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