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Learn to code to create opportunities

As everyone knows, factory workers are being replaced by robots. Today, knowledge workers processing information are attacking the middle classes of developed countries. Software is invading the world. They are increasingly automating human tasks. According to co-author Erik Brynjolfsson in his book “Race Against the Machine“, the routine tasks of information processing are becoming increasingly important in the United States.

Learn to code: those who give orders to computers and those who receive their orders from computers
Jobs can be divided into two categories. Those who give orders to computers and those who receive their orders from computers

The digital media Quartz, which specializes in the economy, reports that the Internet is impoverishing us. From 2000 to 2010, in Europe and the United States, millions of jobs as telephone operators, secretaries, travel agents and accountants disappeared. The main stakeholders in these disappearances are the middle classes. Agriculture, industry and intellectual jobs are also being transformed by systems and machines. Despite productivity gains and growth in the US economy between 2000 and 2007, job creation did not keep pace.

Learn to code to disrupt your market

Human beings are constantly seeking to replace work through automation and the exponential increase in the power of machines. We reproduce science fiction with autonomous cars, demining robots, drones, unmanned aeroplanes, even to the point of creating robots in the libraries called “Bookbots” to bring the books back to the students. Since the invention of the microprocessor 40 years ago, the evolution has been spectacular and unprecedented. Erik Brynjolfsson points out that today 60% of jobs in the United States are used for information processing.

Learn to code: Software eats the world
Software eats the world

One of the pioneers of the Internet, Marc Anderssen uses this image to translate this phenomenon. Many economic activities such as industry, defence, film and agriculture use software-based online services. Computers and the Internet are disruptive technologies that are used in almost all human activities. Never in our history have we seen such a rapid spread of information technology.

Learning to code for entrepreneurship

It is easy to find excuses on the question of whether or not to learn to code. This is a reflex that is widespread in the technology and digital sector. If you entrust the entire code development of your entrepreneurial project to a third party, you will face uncertainty. You will be faced with a guru where you will not know or understand what he is doing. Moreover, you will remain powerless in the face of the problems encountered. To oppose incompetence and competence is very frustrating. The majority of employees do not understand digital and computer programming. This field is not necessarily suitable for all personalities because it requires time, patience and motivation. Some successful companies like Apple have understood the importance of digital and computer programming.

know how to code a skill of tomorrow
Knowing how to code is the skill of tomorrow

With this skill, you will be able to :

  • Better measure the time required to add a feature.
  • Be autonomous in the design and implementation of personal projects, for example the creation of a portfolio.
  • Better understanding of business language to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Knowing what is happening behind what is initially a black box.
  • Unlock new opportunities such as becoming a Growth Hacker, Product Owner, Project Manager, etc.

To learn how to code, it is useful first of all to know how to do back-end and front-end. Then it is possible to specialize in one or the other. Moreover, before wanting to do mobile development, it is important to understand that web development is more useful and accessible. Knowing how to code allows you to open up to new digital professions. Until 10 years ago, no one heard about certain professions such as Growth Hacker, Full-Stack Developer or Data Analyst. Where to learn how to code for entrepreneurship? will emerge that are still based on information technology.

Where to learn how to code for entrepreneurship ?

There are many training courses to learn how to code whether they are online or in school. I will quote you the bootcamp called “The Wagon” for having experienced it. It is designed for entrepreneurs who want to see their digital project realized. In 9 weeks, it trains neophytes in development and validates a MVP (Minimum Valuable Product). It is a first express approach to explore technical aspects and develop skills.

The promise of the Wagon “change your life. Learn to code

Companies tend to first seek operational skills with candidates from a variety of fields and skills. To keep its promise, the Wagon allows you to quickly acquire the fundamentals of Web development to conceptualize and realize your entrepreneurial project or become a developer. An ambitious formula that may seem absurd at first.

learn to code to change your life
learn to code to change your life

All learning is difficult at first. It takes time to gain some control and efficiency. To achieve this, the pace of training is very sustained and requires rigour. They are few in number but some give up due to lack of maturity and experience. Academic training tends to turn students into encyclopedias. Knowing how to code does not require you to learn the whole history of computer science. It should be noted that sometimes engineers are too much in theory without being able to write a single line of code.

Some reasons for the success of the Wagon

Many young people are seduced at the beginning of their careers for many reasons :

  • the desire to gain autonomy.
  • to be able to work from anywhere.
  • the dream of conquering the world and revolutionizing a market.
  • the opportunity to integrate young innovative companies.

All the lights are green according to Syntec Numérique and the digital sector remains buoyant :

  • +3.4% growth in 2017 compared to 2011.
  • 19,000 in net job creation in 2017.
  • Good prospects for 2018 as digital companies will increasingly face recruitment difficulties. Companies are more attracted to operational skills.

The success of the Wagon is due to the continuous improvement of their program in knowledge transfer. It delivers methods and best practices that facilitate decomposition and simplify problems with complex departures. A success built on the perfectionism and determination of the participants.

The Wagon beyond learning the code, it is also a philosophy

Some had the opportunity to be hired soon after the training. The result is a salary and a comfortable schedule. The Wagon conveys a philosophy that is specific to digital technology. She teaches a state of mind:

learn to code - a collective experience and a state of mind
The Wagon is first and foremost a collective experience and a state of mind
  • collaboration by working in pairs.
  • adaptability by changing partners every day.
  • autonomy by documenting oneself.
  • to constantly improve.
  • the idea of not resting on your achievements. Every developer, even after several years, is constantly learning every day.
  • surprise themselves on their ability to overcome technical and organizational difficulties.
  • confidence in the skills of its employees. Be amazed at what they can do too.
  • a group experience where cohesion and solidarity prevail despite differences in age and profession.
  • the learning of rigour.

At the end of each promotion, the projects presented always arouse enthusiasm. We are surprised by the creativity of a design and the imagination of the proposed applications.

To register for the Wagon :


And you, what are the reasons that led you to learn to code on the Web ?


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