The landing page to test your market

What is a Landing Page ?

The Landing Page is a web page that presents your service or product for the purpose of registering contacts with potential customers (prospect). It consists of visual content, textual and a clickable button called Call To Action (CTA).

It’s first to test your market

It is an effective and inexpensive way to answer these 3 questions :

  • Does the idea meet a need ?
  • Is there a market for my offer ?
  • Is there an audience for my offer ?

When you want to start a project, this is the first thing to do and without having to write a single line of code. This approach allows you to :

  • To be present on internet
  • Test your value proposition
  • Winning users
  • Get feedback

While a model of your product / service forms the MVP (Minimum Valable Product), the landing page is the Pre-MVP.

The challange is to make your visitors want to click on the Call to Action button

You are a magician who aims to find the right magic formula. Your goal is to get the contact of your visitor who proves the interest he has for your service or product. It’s a simple content with a brief description of the offer or the design is unclutered.

This magic formula requires first of all to define this elements :

  • Offers
  • The value
  • The Call-To-Action

For the offer, it’s to distribute a single offer and to guide the visitor in his acquisition. It can be a ebook, a beta registration, an handy checklist, a video, etc.

For the value, it’s to find the answer to this question “against what would they exchange what information ?“. The information to be collected must be relevant.

For Call-To-Action, it’s a commitment of your visitor to a visible buuton that should make you want like “watch the video, it’s free“.

The form is the other important element of the Landing Page.

Some exemples :

landing page - code academy
landing page - trulia

The main elements of the landing page are :

  • A single value proposition in one sentence
  • A picture
  • A Call-To-Action button

Finally, the landing page must be accompagnied by a subscription confirmation page. This is that page appears after the subscription.

The optional elements of the landing page 

To define a description of the product/service that can be added, we will have:

  • A logo
  • The explanatory sentence

You can add testimonials sentence with :

  • Her pictures
  • His job
  • His name

You can also have the brands that use your product / service or media such as blogs or newspapers that cite your product / service.

Finally, you can add a video that explains the product /service quickly (20 to 30 seconds).

With tha addition of these elements, you will have to put a Call To Action identical to the one you at the beginning of the page.

Some steps for create your Landing Page 

  1. MoodBoard : It’s defining your identity intuitively by selecting images that tell a story. To help you find the story, make an effort to write down your references. Avoid selecting images based on trends.
  2. Name : The name must be easily pronounceable. It’s the beginning of storytelling and preferably in English because it’s more viral. It is important to check in advance its availability in .com or other. Fenally, it’s better to test it with people and check if they say “it sounds good”.
  3. Logo : You must fill a specification for the creation of your logo.
  4. One sentence : The sentence of the Landing Page wich translates what is done.
  5. Tree : You have to ask yourself how the user should walk.
  6. Landing Page : All the elements put in place must be coherent and represent the choices you made (for exemple : aesthetics vs strategy). It also includes redirection to your story (illustration of what you do, descrition of your product or service). If you are in innovation, it is wise to do a demo to understand the “how does it work ?”.
  7. Site + Branding : Go to the creation of the final site.
Learn to code a Landing Page

To help you in the realization of your Landing Page, I propose you a training, a step-by-step guide “learn how to code a Landing Page on Ruby on Rails” also available on Amazon

Test your Landing Page, an experiment to find the better recipe

There are two ways

  • The radical way
  • The incremental way

Creating two diametrically opposed Landing Page is a good starting point to start optimizing each element one after the other and to follow the number of Calls To Action made by internet users.

For example, comparing a Landing Page with one section and another with ten sections.

With this test, you will be able to determine if your target is affected by :

  • A simple value proposition (1 section)
  • A value proposition supported by many arguments (10 sections)
landing page - recipe

You reduce the areas of uncertainty in factual ways without reasonning by pure instinct

At the end of the test, focus on the one wgo collects the most e-mails to make the following changes :

For the Landing Page with one section :

  • reduce / increase / delete your value proposition and your image.
  • modify the labels of your value proposition and your Call To Action.
  • modify your picture :
    • find an image that expresses the pain felt by your users without your value proposition.
    • find an image expressing the joy felt by your users once they have used your product.

The growth hacker is the profile sought for its creativity to arouse the interest of the targeted target

Engineer or marketing profile, his knowledge is varied. He has a web culture, sociology, devlopment and statistics. It is better for one person to combine these skills to reduce the risk of performance loss. He must quickly perfoform a certain number of actions in a weekly schedule.

  • Formulate a hypothesis
  • Create a prototype to test the hypothesis
  • Test on a given target prototype
  • Analyse the quantified results
the growth hacker

Growth hacker is a person focused on growth and only on growth


Define indicators, measure them and make decision

You must define KPI’s (indicators) to make the decision for continue the project or to rotate or stop it.

At least, two elements must be measured :

  • The number of times the user clicks the button
  • The number of data inserted by user

The customer journey can be viewed as with the tool with a formula of 1000 visualizations per month.

landing page - measure

Some tools to create the Landing Page

Tools to test your market

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