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Git – Learn to push your code and some tips

  Git : What is it ?   Git is a very popular version manager and is widely used today. Originally, Linus Torvalds, the creator of the kernel of the well-known Linux operating system. Git was developed in 2005. This is called a commit to make a change or modification. Git’s success compared to other alternative tools can be explained…

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google place autocomplete

Google Place Autocomplete on Ruby on Rails

  The principle consists in parsing and injecting the fields of your database (locality, administrative region, postal code, etc…) from the address. The user chooses his address from the suggested list.   That’s what we’re going to get !     Google Place Autocomplete: Creating Google API Keys   We will use Geocoder which uses Google’s geolocation API. You will…

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logo sublime text

Sublime Text 3 and some plugins on Linux

  Sublime Text is a code editor developed in C++ and Python. It supports many programming languages and its functionalities can be extended thanks to its plugins. Cross-platform, it is available on Linux, Mac and Windows.   Sublime Text on your Linux distribution   To know which are the best plugins for sublime text, click HERE First of all, install…

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Angular logo

Install the Angular framework on Linux

  Initially called AngularJS, Angular is a framework for developing web pages taken over and developed by Google. It allows you to structure the code and adopt an architecture. Created in 2009 by Miško Hevery, it is one of the frameworks that have innovated in the front-end part. The HTML5 standard finalized in October 2014 allowed the creation of independent…

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action mailer

Action Mailer – Send emails from your App Rails

  The difference between a transactional mail and marketing   Mail marketing is sent to several people, while transactional mail is sent to only one person. We talk about marketing mail in the case of a newsletter while a confirmation of account creation or an invoice received by mail are transactional mails. The transactional email can be used, for example,…

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