Pierre-Christophe Callac

“I am a freelance Ruby on Rails Web developer. I help you in your web development projects and i can produce content to improve your visibility of your customers ”

About the author

With 10 years of experience in different trades in IT, i was able to develop a transverse vision. Systems, networks, ERP, Mainframe… Since my training at Wagon Bordeaux (batch 51, please), i continue my professional reconversion.

During this training, i discovered a real passion for the devlopment, conception and realization of an MVP from an idea. The technologies used : Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, Postgresql, Git, Heroku…. I continue to work on web projects by applying a work methodology that is the following :

  • For the Web dévelopment: To break down a problem, imagine a break wall ! To  cross it without hurting itself,  it is necessary to define each brick in smaller problems to solve.
  • For writing content: I analyze and summarize topics for writing contents based first on relevance of keywords.

This blog founded in 2016 was initially a watch tool. Now, it is oriented on two complementary axes:

  • Web development through tutorials.
  • Different aspects of the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

If you need help with your web projects and / or content writing, send me your message